Overview: On My Work Background

I have over 10 years experience building professional information services for mid- and large-size companies. I offer significant experience in systems analysis, system specification, modelling, design, and programming. I bring to my work a wide-ranging practical experience in application development, a keen mind, and a passion for thinking about interesting things, like your computer problems.

My work covers the full project lifecycle, from early-stage analysis through support and enhancement work. Projects in the last few years include:

On this page you will find a summary of my work over the past 10 years. For a detailed projects resume (or Curriculum Vitae) in English, please contact me by e-mail: see this page for an online contact form. For more information about the range of my skills in software development, please go here.

Work History

I began programming professionally--as a career--in the summer of 1993. I have worked steadily in the field ever since. My clients include companies in insurance, financial services, commercial shipping, retail sales, among others. I have had roles as architect, lead engineer, module owner, or just "one of them". I am glad to put the gloves on and push hard to get the ball rolling. And if the ball rolls down the hill again, well, I just start from the bottom and push it back up.

I have also led small teams in development efforts, and carried out extensive mentoring for new team members and programmers.

Most of my work the last few years has been oriented towards the Internet, for companies interested in an Application Service Provider hosted environment. I also have experience in internal/departmental systems.

I am currently based in Berlin, Germany.

I have written more about my skills in my work. Please take a look at it. My full resume (CV) is available on request. Just contact me and I'll send it. I can also put you in contact with colleagues and clients in the US if we talk more.

Some Recent Projects

Following are some notes about recent projects. This is an incomplete list, covering only highlights of the last few years. For reasons of privacy (on the Internet), some specific details are not shown here, but are available on my resume.

Task: Carried out design and development of Java Swing-based rich client application with integration into external server processes.
Audience: System administrators
Platforms: N.A.
Languages/Tools: Java
Period: July. 2005 - Sep. 2005
Description: Led design and development of rich client application for administration of software rollout across large site deployments. The tool sits integrates with existing software for configuration management and extends it to allow a subset of new packages to be reviewed and approved before installation.
Role: Software Developer
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Task: New implementation of existing invoicing system originally in COBOL
Audience: Internal company department, management and billing/accounting provider
Platforms: Windows, UNIX/AIX
Languages/Tools: Java, Oracle PL/SQL, BASH script and AIX utilities
Period: Jan. 2002 - Mar 2003; June 2003
Description: Led analysis, design and implementation of client-server application to replace a legacy mainframe billing system. Package included regular bulk data imports, batch printing--over 500 invoices at one time—and a client application written in Java Swing. The application and associated database implemented full auditing for every significant user action, and authentication at the transaction level. The new application is now the system of record for this type of billing for the company. Software was developed using Sun standard Java 1.3, against Oracle 8.1.
Role: Engineer; responsible for all aspects of analysis, database and application design
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Task: Carried out development work for a prototype of manufacturing forecasting and reporting system
Audience: For demonstration to prospective customers, who would be internal company management
Platforms: Browser-based hosted web application
Languages/Tools: Java Server Pages, XML, XSL, Microsoft SQL Server
Period: Dec. 2001 - Jan. 2002
Description: Carried out all design and development tasks for a prototype system, used for demonstrations to prospective customers and proof-of-concept. Package include asynchronous data import/integration modules, reporting modules in XML, and automated alerts/notifications keyed on manufacturing processes. Software was developed using Sun standard Java 1.3, using Caucho Resin web server, against Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
Role: Engineer; responsible for all aspects of analysis, database and application design
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Task: Lead team of about 9 engineers in design, development and rollout of major application versions and modules
Audience: Corporate employees accessing the application for day-to-day use in their work
Platforms: Browser-based hosted web application
Languages/Tools: WebLogic, Java, Java Server Pages, XML, XSL, Microsoft SQL Server
Period: Nov. 2000 - Oct. 2001
Description: Led team of 9 engineers in three design/development/rollout cycles of the product line. Key player in technical decision-making for the project. Technical architect for re-design of page processing, application security, configuration, notification, personalization, etc. Established or re-engineered standard procedures for database change control, source control, builds and development environment.
Role: Lead Engineer/Architect; responsible for major re-design of application framework, assignment/direction/mentoring of team, reported to senior management (CTO and CEO)
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Task: Perform analysis and design for application and database, and lead team of four engineers in product development and rollout
Audience: Server-server software for web sites licensing the product
Platforms: Various: hosted web application, in Java
Languages/Tools: Java, XML, XSL, Microsoft SQL Server, Java Server Pages
Period: Feb. 2000 - Nov. 2000
Description: Completed analysis, specification and design for the server and client software, an ASP-based server to enable federated product sales for e-commerce web sites. Deliverables included Marketing Requirements Document, Problem Statement, use cases, and database model (as ERD).

Established standards for coding, builds, deployment, documentation. Prepared all implementation specifications for team engineers, reviewed and tested code. Modeled all database transactions and queries. Designed core APIs for client and for the server itself, including XML messaging (custom web-services invocation protocol), database transaction and persistence model, security/authentication model. Design for administration web site included URL/page source indirection and database-driven authentication. Target implementation was “pure Java implementation”, for Windows NT.
Role: Lead Engineer/Architect; responsible for re-design of application framework, assignment/direction/mentoring of team, reported to senior management (CEO)
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Also see what I've written on my skills. My full resume (CV) is available on request. Contact me and I'll send it.