SwingLabs is an umbrella project sponsored by SUN Microsystems, with code released under the LGPL license and Sun Public License. SwingLabs brings a number of sub-projects under one roof, with the aim of building extensions to the Java Swing toolkit. I've been contributing to the DataBinding and SwingX projects, as well as documentation and planning. I also have a bunch of prototype code in the JDNC Incubator and have worked on the demos as well as tutorials and the Wiki

I've mostly been interested in the data loading libraries (under the DataBinding sub-project), and have started sketching out APIs for data import and export and schema I/O. Recently I've been working on a small API for status bars based around pluggable components (in the SwingX project). I am currently working on the event-notification APIs for the DataSet API, and have been looking into alternatives to the expression-language support which is currently available for the DataSet API.