The SwingEasy Documentation Project

SwingEasy is a documentation project for the Java Swing GUI toolkit. The goal of this project is to collect that information to ease and encourage development of high-quality, cross-platform Swing development easier. I started thinking about this a couple of years ago, and earlier this year started working on the main documentation. Follow the link to check out the project contents.

The project document is currently being written in a Wiki on the website. I am not entirely happy with writing in a Wiki. It has the advantage of having low-conceptual overhead. Once you know the Wiki syntax for formatting pages, the typing is quick. But I need some way to structure the document, and the Wiki doesn't give me good tools to do that with. I have paused while I try to figure that one out. My current thought is to have some sort of embedded structure tags which can be parsed out of the Wiki syntax. Here's to hoping!