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jEdit: The BufferStats Plugin v0.1

BufferStats is a plugin I wrote to help figure out which Buffers in jEdit are worth closing (e.g. those that are open but which I haven't looked at in awhile.

The plugin hasn't been submitted to the jEdit community site yet. Feel free to download from here, try it out, and send me feedback.

BufferStats and the associated macros were built with JDK 1.4.2_03, against jEdit 4.2pre14.


Copy the BufferStats.jar file into the /jars directory of jEdit main configuration. Un-jar the BufferStats-macros.jar into the macros directory of jEdit configuration, or of jEdit installation. Restart jEdit.

Take a look at the HTML documentation (should be in jEdit help) to see what the different macros do. If you find a bug, or have an improvement for the macros, please contact me at jedit_devel at pdoubleya dot com.