Projects I am Working On

Here are links to various projects, free and open-source, I am working on. I became interested in free and open source software as a user over the last few years, and wondered how I could contribute. Here are some links to where I've gotten involved.

Projects for jEdit: Macros and Plugins
jEdit is a text editor available under the GNU Public License (GPL). I have been using it for a few years now as my editor of choice, replacing the prior favorite, EditPlus. One feature of the editor is that you can add functionality using 'plugins', for example, for spell-checking, compilation, project management, and so on. I've started to play around with the plugin system and have a couple of experimental plugins to report on here.
SwingEasy: Documentation for Java Swing
SwingEasy is a documentation project for the Java Swing GUI toolkit. The goal of this project is to collect that information to ease and encourage development of high-quality, cross-platform Swing development easier. I started thinking about this a couple of years ago, and earlier this year started working on the main documentation. Follow the link to check out the project contents.
    Flying Saucer: an XHTML/CSS Renderer in Java
    Flying Saucer is a project started by Joshua Marinacci, hosted on website. The idea is to have a standards-compliant renderer for XHTML (and XML), using CSS 2.1 for styling. I got involved in a re-write of the CSS property handling in the summer of 2004.
      SwingLabs is an umbrella project sponsored by SUN Microsystems, with code released under the LGPL license and Sun Public License. SwingLabs brings a number of sub-projects under one roof, with the aim of building extensions to the Java Swing toolkit. I've been contributing to the DataBinding and SwingX projects, as well as documentation and planning. I also have a bunch of prototype code in the JDNC Incubator and have worked on the demos as well as tutorials and the Wiki