Software I Like

Here are some good, cheap or free pieces of software I can recommend. I have limited this to some that you may not have heard of--not including the ubiquitous WinZip, for example. I don't have up-to-date pricing on the commercial software--check their web sites for details.

I hope to expand this section over time to list favorite web sites, authors, and so on.

VendorNone; Open Source
Platform/OSVarious (Java)
DescriptionjEdit is a text editor that handles multiple (large) files. It includes features a programmer would love, such as syntax color highlighting, compiler link-in, and plugin architecture. I've found it to be very stable and configurable. Written in Java, it should run anywhere Java and Swing are supported.

DescriptionEditPlus is a small, fast, and able editor for text files: "NotePad on steroids." It offers syntax color highlighting, templates, HTML editing shortcuts, macros, and spell check, among other features. EP can open multiple text files, very large files, and has a great regular-expression search/replace feature. Also: FTP upload and download; built-in web browser; full-screen display support; limited project-organization support. You can make call-outs to compilers and such, and for awhile it was my preferred editor for coding. However, jEdit is more extensible and EP has been feature-frozen for several years now. Still, EP is a must-have for editing text files.

VendorNone; Open Source
Platform/OSVarious ports available
LinkMozilla Organization
DescriptionThe Mozilla project was started by Netscape when they decided to make their Netscape browser an open-source project. This resulted in a large browser/e-mail/newsreader/editor package called Mozilla, and a small, browser-only called Firefox. Firefox is fast to render pages, complies with the latest in web standards, and includes neat features like "tabbed" browsing. I use it all the time. Recommend you also check out the browser extensions. Extensions I currently use: TabBrowser Extensions, Google Preview, Link Preview and Search Status.

ToolTelePort Pro
VendorTennyson Maxwell
LinkTeleport Pro
DescriptionTeleport Pro acts as a directed webcrawler--you point it at a site and it will download the site to your hard drive. Downloads: can be scheduled; can be limited to a specific domain, or starting point on a site; limited to text, graphics, no graphics, max/min file sizes; have localized links so once you download, you can browse the site locally. This is a great tool if you are often offline and need access to reference material available on the web--for example, documentation, references, etc.

VendorTim Cosse
Platform/OSWindows (various)
PriceOpen Source
LinkFileZilla FTP
DescriptionFileZilla is a fast, fully-featured FTP client. It supports resuming broken downloads, SSL secured connections and SFTP support, queuing downloads, and multiple site configuration, among other things.

VendorFinePrint Software, LLC
DescriptionFinePrint is a printing utility to control printed output. You can queue up multiple documents, preview documents, delete individual pages prior to printing, print multiple document pages on one piece of paper, reprint earlier runs, double-sided printing, and more. This works regardless of what program you are printing from, and regardless of your printer. FinePrint appears to Windows as a printer driver, and redirects to your chosen printer when you are ready. Some printers and some programs offer some of this functionality, but FP bundles it all up in one place. Great little tool.

ToolFinePrint pdfFactory
VendorFinePrint Software, LLC
DescriptionpdfFactory creates Adobe PDF documents out of anything you can print. You can control embedded fonts, preview, add document information, send PDF files directly, and so on. It works as a printer driver, so if you can print it, you can make a PDF from it.