WelcomeCurrent photo of me, Spring 2005.

This site documents my work as a computer programmer. It serves as both advertisement and general clearing house to document my work. You'll not only find information about my work history, but also details about the skills I have to offer, interesting problems I've worked on, and the practices I try to follow as a programmer.

I want my work to help and improve the world, both my life, the life of my family and friends, and those many people I don't know who share the planet with me. I want to spend the time I have using my skills and effort to a good end. I want to not just sleep well but to lay down feeling happy that my day and time were well-spent.

I've worked in full-lifecycle software development since 1993 for mid- to large-sized companies. I am currently based in Berlin, Germany, and open to projects here in Germany, or remote/telecommute projects.

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